What is Forward Thinking Birmingham?

We work with children who are feeling very sad, worried, angry or upset. We help and support children to work out difficult thoughts and feelings and learn new skills so that they find it easier to deal with those feelings and have a happier life. We also help parents or carers too, so that they can help you. We look at relationships in the family and encourage friendships at home and school.

Who will I meet and what do they do?

We have a flexible approach to appointments and are happy to meet you on your own, with your family or friends.  We would normally speak with your parents if they come to the appointment with you.

At your first appointment you will meet someone from our team who will talk to you to find out about your worries and what has been difficult for you. The first appointment usually takes about an hour.

During the appointment, we decide with you (and your parents) whether we are the right people to help and whether you will come again for more appointments.

Supporting you

Usually, you will meet a different person for your second appointment who will be called your Core Worker. This is because we try to find the right person to support you. Sometimes, you and your Core Worker may decide that you need some specific support that is different to what you have done so far and that a different professional can help with.

Here are some of the professionals you might meet:

  • Psychiatrist
  • Clinical Psychologist
  • Occupational Therapist 
  • Mental Health Nurse
  • Psychotherapist
  • Family Therapist 
  • Primary Mental Health Worker 
  • Speech and Language therapist 

All of our workers are friendly and helpful and will do everything they can to make sure you are happy with us.

Jelani's story

Meet Jelani, he started going to therapy appointments after a car crashed into the car he was travelling in on the way to school. After the accident, Jelani kept thinking about it and even had dreams about the crash. Going to therapy helped Jalani feel better about what happened. It helped him find a happy place that he can think of if he does get upset about the crash.

Who will know I’m coming to Forward Thinking Birmingham?

Only people who you or your parents tell will know that you are coming to see us. It is your choice if you tell your friends or school. Some young people find telling others helpful if they know this will be kept private. Your school might be helpful and offer support, if they know you are finding things hard.

Who will you tell about my problems or concerns?

We take great care with the personal information that you share with us. We don’t talk to anyone else outside our team without first agreeing this with you. The only time we have to make an exception is if we are very worried about your safety or wellbeing or that of a family member. Then we do have to share our worries. We will always try and speak with you first if this happens. 

What if I have to go into hospital?

If you have to go into hospital you can expect everyone you meet to be friendly and kind and they will do everything they can to look after you.