Advice and guidance

The terminology and new situations you find yourself facing can be difficult to understand and navigate. We have outlined some support and advice services that can help you to find your way through the mental health, social and educational challenges you and your child may face.

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Parent / Carer Support

There are a number of support groups throughout the city for parents, carers and other family members of children, young people and young adults affected by mental health conditions. The groups provide time and space for support, sharing experiences and many also run specific information sessions on key topics.

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Talking about mental health

Time to Change have created a page for parents/carers with practical tips about talking to children about mental health.

Learning disabilities

If you suspect your child may have a learning disability you should discuss this with your doctor and ask for them to be assessed so that any additional support they may require can be provided at the first opportunity. You may also hear this referred to as special educational needs (SEN).

Young Minds – guidance on identifying learning difficulties

Mental Health Act

We aim to treat mental health conditions as soon as possible to reduce the need for children, young people and young adults to be admitted for treatment. At times, where they may pose a significant risk to themselves and other,s it may be necessary to admit someone for treatment for their own safety, or that of others. The Mental Health Act is the law used to admit, detain and treat adults, children and young people who need treatment for a mental health disorder.

Find out more about the Mental Health Act

Guidance on being sectioned from The Royal College of Psychiatrists