Frequently Asked Questions about inpatient care

When can I visit my child?

Our units have specific visiting days/times which differ slightly due to the nature of the programme and the age of the young people. We will tell you when these times are and how you can contact the units for an update. One of the overarching principles of child and adolescent mental health care is that care and treatment cannot occur without the full involvement of the parents/carers, so contact and conversation between staff and parents is frequent.

Will my child be given medication?

Medication is an important part of psychiatric treatment packages alongside individual, group and family therapy. Parents/carers will always be consulted before any medication is commenced.

Is my child in danger on these units?

It is very uncommon for a young person to be hurt while they are in hospital but there are risks on mental health units. Our staff are trained to manage actual and potential aggression and work hard to make the environment safe, calm, friendly and therapeutic.

Will my child have their own bedroom?

We work hard to provide as much privacy for children and young people as possible. Depending on the unit your child is admitted to, your child may share a bedroom of three to four people or have their own single bedroom. Boys and girls do not share bedrooms or bathrooms. The Parkview Clinic is currently undergoing major redevelopment work which will mean that all children and young people will benefit from single ensuite bedrooms in the near future.

Involvement and feedback

Children, young people and families are asked for their views and opinions on how our service operates and are asked to get involved and feedback on the quality of the service. Each of our three inpatient units have patient and parent support/feedback groups and ask for written and verbal feedback at every stage of the admission. We really encourage you to get involved and tell us what you think.