Learning disability provision

We have a dedicated team that provides mental health assessment and interventions for children and young people with a moderate to severe learning disability up to the age of 19.

The majority of children we work with have trouble with communication and social skills and attend Special Schools in Birmingham. They may also require additional support with dressing, washing, mobility and continence.

Children with limited verbal communication may be more likely to communicate their needs and feelings through their behaviour, which can be challenging at times. The team works closely with families and schools to understand the meaning of these behaviours and use this understanding to develop strategies to help them. 

Referral procedures, contact details, assessment and intervention processes are the same as for other children, young people and young adults, with some adjustments to meet their specific needs.

This age limit of 19 is in line with special school provision, differing from the rest of the Forward Thinking Birmingham provision which cares for 0-25s.

Over 19s are cared for by the Adult Learning Disabilities Service provided by Birmingham Community Healthcare Trust and we are working together to ensure that transition to adult services is as smooth as possible.