Managed Care

As pioneers of mental health care for young people, we have the opportunity to deliver services that are best in class. Building on the firm foundations of care we already have in our community, Forward Thinking Birmingham will be the first in the country to introduce specific international best practice initiatives to help get better outcomes for our patients. The programme we are using is called ‘Managed Care’, which involves some new concepts, ideas and ways of working.

Changes in terminology can be confusing, so we’ve put together an overview to help us in transition. 

  • The Single Point of Access (SPA)/Specialist CAMHS Access Point (SCAP) will become the Access Centre (AC)
  • In addition to Care Coordination we have introduced Intensive Case Management (ICM) for our most complex service users, who often have multiple agencies involved in their care
  • We will have a team to help us manage efficient flow into and out of inpatient services and some community services, called Utilisation Management (UM)
  • We will be introducing a system of gathering business intelligence (BI) alongside our new Patient Record system. You may hear the term Data Analytics used more frequently.

Access Centre

The purpose of the Access Centre is to help young people and their families access the most timely an appropriate care for their needs in Birmingham, so they can live their lives to the fullest potential.

The Access Centre has a 24/7 phone number, providing a single point of access for use by all service users, referrers and members of the public. The Access Centre operates a full telephone service during the core hours of Monday-Friday 8am-8pm and Saturday and Sunday 10am-3pm. Outside of these hours it provides direct access to the emergency out of hours crisis service.

Intensive Case Management works across the whole care pathway

This team provides additional support to Care Coordinators who are managing the most complex cases. The team also provide support to the extended network of agencies who work alongside our staff with these individuals/families.

The team report on where systemic blockages are occurring and help to problem solve, expedite care and get the right help for people at the right time.

Utilisation Management 

This process ensures that our inpatient and complex care services are providing the highest quality, clinically necessary care to service users who are accessing them. The team reports on systemic problems and helps to solve them. 

Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

Everything we do within Forward Thinking Birmingham feeds into our patient records and other relevant IT systems. The information produced is translated into accessible reports for commissioners, managers, clinicians, service users and their families. There will be access to a live dashboard which will help everyone understand how the system is performing.

The Forward Thinking Birmingham service for 0-25 year olds represents a transformational moment in mental health care history. For the first time in the UK, we will be caring for children, young people and young adults in a way that fundamentally integrates services. By making progressive changes in the way we work, Forward Thinking Birmingham is in the unique position of using a system of care delivery that makes such integration real.