How can we help you? 

Pause, your city centre drop-in service, is a bit different to other mental health services out there. We aren't going to turn you away if you just want to drop-in and have a chat with someone about how you’re feeling, or if you wanted to have a browse in our tech-space about things you might be worried about. Dropping in to see us doesn't mean there is something wrong with you or that you are losing your marbles! We are here to support you in exploring your thoughts, feelings and emotions, or anything that might be going on in your life, that you need help working out. 

We offer on-site support in many different ways. If you want, you can come a long to a workshop and create some art, or maybe you fancy going somewhere quiet to think…or maybe you just want to have a cuppa and a chat with a friendly face, someone to listen to you and try and help you work stuff out. 

Pause is cool, bright and spacious. You can feel safe here and know that you are amongst people who are really happy to be there for you and support you. 

If you want to pop a long and just look at the service, feel free to come in and take a look - no pressure, you don’t have to chat to anyone, you can just come and enjoy the space and read about what we have to offer. 

Whatever you decide to do, we hope you come and visit us soon! 

Pause and love, 

The Pause Team 

A space to talk about life and real feelings.