Project Update #17: 6 May 2016

Dear colleagues,

​In this week’s video blog we welcome Dr Anupam Dharma, a Consultant General Adult Psychiatrist, who talks about his new role as Medical Director for Forward Thinking Birmingham and why he is excited to be part of the new service. 


Hello, my name is Anupam Dharma. I'm a consultant General Adult Psychiatrist and the newly appointed interim Medical Director. I'm delighted to have joined Forward Thinking Birmingham, providing leadership to the medical workforce.
I’ve worked in a range of complex environments, supporting individuals with substance misuse problems, mental health illnesses and alongside teams providing mental health support to prisoners. I’ve seen first-hand the detrimental effects of poor mental health in children, young people and young adults.
I'll be working closely with the senior management team and other staff to ensure we provide high-quality world-class care to our patients. I believe that through a culture of clinical engagement and accountability we can provide that support. Forward Thinking Birmingham's principles are firmly embedded in the recovery ethos and are underpinned by choice, prevention and integration. It's also important to focus on giving children, young people and adults more control and freedom about the services they receive. 

We've brought together partners with a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences to offer a unique model of healthcare. This will ensure that patients' recovery is not held back by any issues related to their transition from one service to another as they move from teenagers to young adults.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been busy visiting hubs; it's been wonderful to meet a number of staff members and understand the vital role they play. I feel so proud to be part of a very dedicated team as we work to revolutionise the care of children, young people and young adults across Birmingham. A key element of my role is primary care engagement and I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible, as we continue to strengthen our links with both GPs and primary care providers.
If you have any questions please contact me and I would be delighted to hear from you.