Think4Brum - shaping the services for 0-25s

Who is Think4Brum?
Think4Brum is a group of young people who are motivated to create the best possible mental health service for 0-25s in Birmingham. Their aim is to make sure that the voices of young people are heard throughout the service, and who better to design a service for young people than young people themselves.

What do we do?
The Think4Brum team work with other professionals to ensure that Forward Thinking Birmingham, the new mental health service for 0-25s in Birmingham, works in a way that is best for its target audience. Many young people helped to design the new service and as a group we will shape the service moving forward. This involves a number of fun activities and exciting forums such as:

  • Interviewing potential staff members
  • Taking part in the production of promotional and training videos
  • Discussing the best ways to engage young service users
  • Contributing to staff training
  • Developing and reviewing information and marketing materials
  • Promoting Forward Thinking Birmingham at mental health awareness events
  • Getting involved with, Pause, the city centre drop-in service

These are just a few examples of how Think4Brum influence the development of Forward Thinking Birmingham.

Who can get involved with Think4Brum?
If you're a past or current service user between the ages of 10-25 we'd love you to hear from you. Please get in touch with our Patient Participation Lead, Bob Maxfield