What is a 'choice' appointment?

Forward Thinking Birmingham uses an approach known as ‘Choice and Partnership Approach’ (CAPA) that actively involves children, young people, young adults and their families in decisions about their care.

The first face-to-face appointment with a clinician is called a 'choice' appointment. This is the start of a patient journey and will be booked by the Access Centre. They will offer you a range of options of venues and/or times to meet with an experienced member of staff.

At your choice appointment we will:

  • Clarify your hopes for change
  • Explore whether our services, another service or a number of agencies are best placed to help you
  • Consider risk, including safeguarding/child protection
  • Allow you to make an informed choice about what you need and want
  • Identify what you can do for yourself

What happens next will be different for each person, but an example of what could happen next includes:

  1. Forward Thinking Birmingham is right for you and we will organise more support for you - described a ‘Partnership Appointment’
  2. There may be other services that are best to meet your needs – we will help you access these quickly and easily
  3. Good progress is being made with existing services – your existing support will continue

Is there anything I can do before a choice appointment?

It can be helpful to make a note about why you have come to Forward Thinking Birmingham:

  • When the problems started 
  • Is there a pattern to the behaviour? Keeping a diary or log book will help
  • Any difficulties in school/college
  • Any difficulties with friends 
  • Any general health problems, either now or in your early years 
  • Any significant events in the family such as divorce or bereavement 
  • Contact with other services 
  • See Joel's story

You can also write a list of questions you want to ask:

  • What’s the matter with me/my child? 
  • Is there a diagnosis? 
  • What kind of help is available? 
  • Is a particular treatment recommended for this type of problem? 
  • How does the treatment work? 
  • What can I do to help? 

What if my child does not want to attend?

Contact our Access Centre on 0300 300 0099 before your appointment and explain that your child does not want to come. You may wish to attend the appointment without your child or discuss whether some other approach may be more helpful. We can also send you information explaining what will happen at the appointment to help ease any anxieties.