What if I am admitted to hospital?

We know that hospital can be a scary thought and that is why many of our services are delivered in the community. If we feel you need more intensive support we may arrange for you to stay in hospital, this is known as ‘inpatient care’. 

Being admitted can seem like a big step and you might feel anxious about this. It’s always helpful to try to think positively and see this as the first step on the road to improving your quality of life and addressing your problems. Our team will be there to support you every step of the way.

What is inpatient care?

Inpatient care is when the nature of your illness means that you need more intensive treatment than community based services. You and your family will be involved in your care and treatment as much as possible.

Our community and inpatient services work together before you are admitted, and during your admission, to plan for getting you home as quickly as we can. Generally you will return home after a period of assessment and treatment, under the supervision of your local community team.