What is a partnership appointment?

Following a choice appointment you may be allocated a core partnership clinician who will have skills that are matched to your needs.

This person will provide an appropriate ‘brief intervention’, such as a counselling session, coping strategy session, a talking therapy or positive activity. They will also coordinate any further packages of care. 

You may be offered a number of appointments (up to six before a review is completed) to help further understand your problems and agree what steps can be taken to help manage them more effectively.

What do we provide at this appointment?

Your clinician will have a core set of skills to:

  • Complete further assessment
  • Discuss an understanding (or formulation) of the current difficulties
  • Provide or help access appropriate materials that help understanding and offer advice

What do we want to achieve?

  • Your child has clear goals you are working on with support from your care coordinator
  • You have access to an intervention which meets your child’s needs and is evidence based
  • You can track and discuss how your child is doing as part of outcome monitoring
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