• Project Update #12: 19 Feb 2016

    This week Alison Hemphill, our Clinical Lead Nurse for Eating Disorders, talks to us more about the importance of Forward Thinking Birmingham. This is the first in a series of introductions to our five clinical pathways; more will follow in the coming weeks.

  • Project Update #11: 09 Feb 2016

    Denise McLellan gives an update on changes that will be made to the new Forward Thinking Birmingham Model from 1 April 2016. She also gives an overview on what happens once a referral has been made and the transition process from CAMHS to Forward Thinking Birmingham, for patients were previously been seen by the CAMHS service providers. 

  • Project Update #10: 22 Jan 2016

    Drawing on her background in human resources, Theresa Nelson, Executive Lead and Chairman for Forward Thinking Birmingham talks about the core values that we have developed with our young people; safety, caring and innovation and why they are so important. She also gives an update on the city centre hub.

  • Project Update #9: 08 Jan 2016

    Today’s blog provides a general update on progress as we approach the go live date of 1 April 2016.

  • Project update #8: 14 Dec 2015

    Participation is an important part of the Forward Thinking Birmingham model. Hear from Clare about how she and other young people have been involved in shaping the development of new services for 0-25s in Birmingham, including "The Hub", self referral and recruitment.


  • Project update #7: 27 Nov 2015

    Jo Bayley, Interim Medical Director, tells us why she is excited to be supporting the development of Forward Thinking Birmingham. Drawing on her experience as a GP, and previously as an Accident and Emergency doctor she has seen first hand how important it is for people with mental health needs to get speedy access to the support they need, and the damaging effects of delays and difficulties in accessing services.

  • Project update #6: 13 Nov 2015

    Our focus this week is on technology and how its effective use can help us improve outcomes for 0-25s in Birmingham.  Adam Carson, Associate Director for Information Communication Technology (ICT) and IT lead for Forward Thinking Birmingham provides an update on the ICT strategy.

  • Project update #5: 2 Nov 2015

    Today I will be focusing on the locations from which care will be provided under the new model, but first a general update on staff consultation and the decision to defer the planned early transfer of specialist young people's services.

  • Project update #4: 9 Oct 2015

    This is my first blog since our 'go live date' of 1 October 2015. We are all really pleased to have passed this milestone. Our new phone line (0300 300 0099) is live and we have had some helpful comments through it about various aspects of our plans. I am delighted to say we have also signed the detailed contract with our commissioners.

  • Innovative new mental health services for 0-25s in Birmingham start to go live from today: 1 Oct 2015

    Children, young people and young adults in Birmingham are a step closer to benefitting from revolutionary mental health care as the new provider, Forward Thinking Birmingham, begins to roll out its services from today (1 October 2015).