What happens if my child is admitted to hospital?

If your child is very poorly they may need to be admitted to hospital when they will become an ‘inpatient’.

What is inpatient care?

You may hear inpatient services called by their ward names, but they are essentially therapeutic residential units. Young people are admitted into these units when the nature and severity of their illness and/or risk means they need more intensive treatment than community based services.

Community and inpatient services work together before a child or young person is admitted, and during the admission, to plan for getting them home as quickly as we can. Generally they return home after a period of assessment and treatment, under the supervision of their local community team.

Where are the inpatient services?

Our three inpatient units for 0-18 year olds, are based at the Parkview Clinic in Moseley. They provide help and treatment for children and young people with emotional, behavioural and mental health difficulties. You can find out more about these three units and our inpatient faciltiies for over 18s here.

How would an admission occur?

Our clinicians in local community teams are usually the people who make the decision to request an inpatient admission and we also take out of hours referrals if there is an urgent need.

When the inpatient team receives a referral an assessment meeting is arranged. Children and young people will often attend with their parents/carers but if making a visit to the appointment is problematic, a clinician can go out to make an assessment elsewhere. If the clinician feels that an admission is in the best interests of the child or young person they will offer this to the family.

How long is a typical inpatient admission?

It’s difficult to say how long an admission may be as psychiatric treatment is often dependent on many factors.

Our emphasis will always be to try and ensure the child or young person returns to their home and community as soon as possible.

Children of school age can also access education from our James Brindley School, situated in the grounds of Parkview Clinic, so that they don’t miss out on their studies.

Inpatient unit staff

All three units at our Parkview Clinic have their own team of nursing and medical staff with clinical leadership from a Consultant Psychiatrist and Clinical Nurse Specialist.

Each unit has a Ward Manager and Deputy Ward Manager who leads and manages the team, the environment and aspects of the clinical programme. We also have a team of psychologists, family therapists, dieticians, occupational therapists, pharmacists, social workers and administration staff who also work across all three units.

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